Sunen Pandya DDS – Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are restorations that are designed to improve the functionality of your teeth. Your dentist may recommend that you have a crown or a dental bridge for a variety of reasons. There are many different types of crowns and bridges, and each type has its own unique advantages.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are made from gold, gold alloy, porcelain fused to gold, or porcelain. They are custom made to fit your tooth. In order to have a crown placed on a tooth, your dentist will need to prepare the tooth by roughening the enamel and removing a small amount of enamel. The crown is cemented into place so that the finished size is the same size as your natural tooth was.

Types of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are fixed prosthetic appliances that replace your natural teeth. They can have a metal or plastic frame. Artificial tooth crowns are attached to the frame. The artificial tooth crowns can be made from gold, a metal alloy, porcelain fused to gold, or solid porcelain that is colored to match your natural teeth.

When Crowns and Bridges Are Recommended

Crowns are recommended if you have had root canal treatment or your tooth has a large area of decay and can no longer support a filling. Crowns may also be used if you have a badly chipped or cracked tooth. Bridges are supported by dental crowns, and two or more crowns must be placed to support the bridge. A bridge may be recommended for you if you have two or more missing teeth on your upper or lower jaw.

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