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Do you know someone who lacks confidence because of crooked teeth?

bracesCrooked teeth can have a devastating effect on a child or adults’ life causing embarrassment and low self-esteem. This condition can even result in a person not fulfilling their true potential at school or in life.
Orthodontic care from Bay Dental Center can help a person lead a happier, more confident and social life.
Orthodontics does more than straighten your teeth. Orthodontics provides room for crowded teeth, reduces the risk of trauma to front teeth, reduces the need for teeth removal and preserves space for erupted teeth.
Straight teeth improve oral health because they are easier to keep clean, are less prone to cavities and tend to be stronger to last you the rest of your life.
Bay Dental Center can provide you with metal braces, clear ceramic braces, and Invisalign. We will give you options to choose from, making your orthodontic products fit your comfort level. We can fit to any patient and deliver the beautiful, confident smile you want.


invisalignInvisalign straightens your teeth without wires and brackets, using a series of clear, customized, removable appliances called aligners. It’s virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will know that you’re straightening your teeth.

The Invisalign System uses advanced 3-D computer graphics technology. Invisalign aligners are designed to move your teeth in small steps to the desired final position prescribed by your orthodontist. Each aligner is precisely calibrated and manufactured to fit your mouth at each stage of the treatment plan. Your first step is to visit our office to determine if Invisalign is right for you. After sending precise treatment instructions, Invisalign uses advanced computer technology to translate these instructions in a sequence of finely calibrated aligners — as few as 12 or as many as 48. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks and only taken out to eat, brush and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next, your teeth will begin to move gradually week-by-week until the desired result is obtained.

Our Orthodontist has helped improve the life of thousands of people with expert orthodontic care. Our friendly doctor and staff explain what is happening at each step of the orthodontic procedure. Your trust, happiness, and health are important to us, and we will make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door.

Success Story

My experience with braces was amazing. The braces helped me build self-confidence. Before I had my braces I never wanted to smile. I can now take pictures without hiding my smile. I loved going to Bay Dental Center. The assistants would help me change my ties and would assist me to choose the next color for my ties. They were very gentle which made me feel comfortable. K. M.

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