It’s time to have the talk about braces in Lawndale. Everyone wants a straight, white and vibrant smile, and braces are the primary way to get there. Whether they’re for children, teenagers or adults, they offer excellent benefits.

Braces For Children

In children, they commonly use wire braces. At such a critical developmental stage in their dental health, they need proven results. How their teeth begin to form now, and how they were cared for during their “baby teeth” stage, are critical to the rest of their dental future. Taking care of alignment issues and crowding issues now will benefit them for years to come, and could be used as preventative measures to potential future dental procedures, saving time, aggravation, and money.

Braces For Teenagers

Over the years, we’ve seen advancements in braces that shorten the requirement time, and give stronger, more sturdy results. A popular product among teenagers are Invisalign Teen. This keeps their teeth from being obstructed by metal wires, and adds a boost to their confidence. They can’t argue the desire for a whiter, straighter smile, but they often don’t want the look that goes with wire braces. Invisalign Teen is the answer that most teenagers select for various reasons, and they work just as well as wire braces.

Braces For Adults

Dental and medical technology has seen amazing advancements in recent years, and adults are actually getting braces. Whether you’ve had them as a teenager or not, our teeth change with our habits, age, and our health. Many patients between the ages of 35 and 45 are getting braces to preserve their smile, and get the grin they’ve always dreamed of.

More information about Braces in Lawndale

Adults can utilize the aesthetics and function of ceramic braces to avoid metal wire braces, which are especially useful for the self-conscious patient. If you need braces in Lawndale, call to schedule an appointment today, and find out more about the benefits of braces for children, teens, and adults. We’ve been the prime office that Panama City patients have been coming to for years, and we welcome the opportunity to help your family’s smiles.