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Dental Implants Lawndale, CA

The best option to replace missing teeth

If you have missing teeth you know the deep emotional impact tooth loss can have. Missing teeth damages our self-confidence in social and professional settings, makes it harder to eat in public, and sometimes even makes us feel embarrassed to smile in front of loved ones.


Missing teeth aren’t only a cosmetic or emotional concern but can cause many oral health problems, including:


  • shifting of remaining teeth
  • tooth decay
  • gum disease
  • tissue and bone loss.
  • changes in your ability to bite, chew and speak.


Dental implants may be the best long-lasting, natural looking and feeling option to replace your missing teeth.


No Obligation Implant Seminar

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Second Opinion


Dental Implant Consultation, CT Scan & Records


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Success story

I didn’t know about implants before visiting Bay Dental Center. An implant was the best option to replace my missing tooth because it didn’t require damaging other teeth. The Doctor was very gentle and I didn’t experience any pain while getting the implant done. Their price was reasonable; other places charge a lot more. The Doctor and staff are very good and trustworthy so I had a great experience with them and it was the best decision to have an implant. S.G.

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