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Better Treatment through Laser Dentistry

In keeping with our commitment to providing the latest dental technology to our patients we proudly use the Biolase WaterLase™ system to deliver minimally-invasive laser-based dental care.

Lasers have been used in dental care since 1994. Their use is approved by the FDA for a variety of dental treatment methods. The wavelength of lasers used in dentistry is safe and effective, with continuing research in their efficiency and performance. The lasers that your dentist uses are different from the types of lasers used in eye surgery and other medical procedures.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Bay Dental Center’s staff has the expertise to treat a wide variety of conditions using the Biolase system. Biolase uses laser light with a water spray to gently treat cavities and tooth decay. Laser dentistry also allows us to remove oral growths and excess tissue, fix receding gums, treat periodontal (gum) disease and improve your smile through the contouring and shaping of your gums.

Biolase is

  • Gentle
  • Minimally-invasive
  • Safe
  • Great for patients who fear the drill


Uses of Lasers in General Dentistry

Your dentist may use a laser to remove decay from within a tooth. Lasers can also be used for removing bacteria and to prepare the enamel of your tooth so that a filling can be placed. If your dentist notices a suspicious growth or lesion anywhere in your mouth, a laser may be used to perform a biopsy. The collected tissue can then be sent to a pathology lab for diagnosis. The laser can also be used to completely remove a growth or lesion from your mouth.

Lasers in Cosmetic Dentistry

A newer use of lasers is in cosmetic dentistry. Lasers can be used to hasten the teeth whitening procedure and help to activate the peroxide gels that are used to lift stains from enamel. Lasers may also be used to reshape gums if you have uneven or too much gum tissue.

Periodontal Treatment

Lasers are also used to treat periodontal disorders. If you have bacterial growth or tartar on the roots of your teeth or below your gumline, your dentist can use lasers to remove the tartar. The lasers can smooth the surface of the tooth roots, which discourages further bacterial growth. The lasers are used as an alternative to handheld dental tools.

Biolase Waterlase means no drilling and, usually, no shots are necessary to numb your mouth. Multiple issues can be handled in a single visit, saving you time and money.

Lasers Improve Oral Hygiene

Everybody knows that doctors pledge to “do no harm”, well, surgery is harm, but it’s harm with intent to cure. A good surgeon does absolutely no unnecessary damage. Lasers are precision instruments, more precise than a scalpel. They are minimally-invasive dental care — they decrease damage to surrounding tissues and preserve more of your natural smile while speeding your healing process.

For some patients, laser dentistry makes extra good sense. Pregnant women, for example, experience hormonal changes which can make gums more sensitive, causing some pregnant women to forego checkups. Laser dentistry is completely safe during pregnancy, because we use no tools that harm you or your baby. A mother’s health is usually reflected in her baby’s health, and we want every child to be born as healthy as possible.

Scared of the Dentist? Do Not Fear the Light!

Dental anxiety is common, for many reasons. At Bay Dental Center, we understand, we all have our fears. Dentistry via laser eliminates many of those reasons – the heat, pressure and vibration generated by traditional drills can cause pain; eliminate these and many patients don’t even need anesthesia. Likewise, as careful as we are, a steel tool can slip and scratch or cut your gums. Lasers don’t slip, even on the slickest, roundest tooth surfaces.

A Whole New Surgery Ballgame

Everybody should be afraid of gum disease. Red, swollen, bleeding gums, if left untreated, can cause receding gums. When more of the tooth and roots are exposed, they are and open to bacterial attack, possibly leading to tooth and bone loss. Repairing this level of damage is hard in too many ways to name.

Treatment used to mean pulling the gums away from the tooth and scraping bacteria, plaque and tartar off with metal tools. (Ouch!) Laser periodontal care treats gum disease by using lasers to break up plaque and tartar without irritation and speeding your return to healthy gums. It’s non-invasive – you’ll probably start feeling better within hours.Whether you’re a new patient or an old friend, if you live near Lawndale, California, Bay Dental Center is the right place for all your family’s tooth-care need. Call or email us today, it’s time you had the healthy mouth and beautiful smile you deserve!

To find out more about how laser-based dental care at Bay Dental Center can help you please, call our office today.

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