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Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Correcting your smile can give you confidence and better dental health. At Bay Dental Center, we provide quality, effective orthodontic care, including braces, clear aligners and other products to improve your smile.

When your teeth are not properly aligned, your smile may not look as good as it could. Misaligned teeth are also more difficult to keep clean, which could increase your risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. With proper orthodontic care, your teeth can be realigned into ideal positions in your jaws for a better-looking smile and improved overall health.

Skilled orthodontic care for children and adults

We offer assessments, dental treatment plans and quality orthodontics for children and adults. No matter your age, you can correct your smile and your “bad bite,” which will boost your self-image too.

Orthodontic products

Bay Dental Center offers several orthodontic products including traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, and Invisalign. We give you options to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. We can comfortably fit most patients and deliver the beautiful, straight teeth you deserve.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontic care from Bay Dental Center does more than straighten your teeth. Orthodontics can create room for crowded teeth, fix overlapping teeth as well as over- and under-bites.

When you have a bad bite, it’s harder to keep your teeth clean and so your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss increases. Take care of your smile today.

Who Can Get Orthodontic Care?

Kids and adults with most of their permanent teeth in place can receive orthodontic treatment. Your dentist may recommend orthodontic services if you have misaligned, crowded or poorly spaced teeth. You may need braces because of small jaws, thumb sucking, facial injuries, unusual jaw development or dental cavities.

How Orthodontic Devices Are Affixed and Adjusted?

Some people begin with a removable retainer or spacer custom made for the mouth. Many patients progress to or start out with braces. Braces are affixed during a visit to the orthodontist. This specialty dentist cleans and dries your teeth. An adhesive is then applied to your teeth, and brackets are attached. An arch wire is fitted to the inside of your oral arch and connected to the brackets. The brackets are tightened about once per month to move the teeth into the desired position.

Caring for Your Teeth and Braces

Braces and other orthodontic devices can make it more challenging to clean your teeth. Even so, you will need to continue brushing and flossing twice daily. Continue visiting your dentist for oral cleanings and exams. Use a fluoridated mouth rinse to protect your teeth from cavities. You may need to avoid sugary, sticky, stringy and hard foods, such as caramels, popcorn, and nuts while receiving orthodontic care.

Schedule a consultation with Sunen Pandya, DDS to see your options for orthodontic care and get an expert’s opinion.


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Orthodontic care is a type of dentistry in which your teeth are moved into the proper alignment in your jaws. You may need orthodontics if your teeth are crowded or you have malocclusion. The goal of orthodontic care is to properly align your teeth for optimal functioning and a beautiful smile.

Expanders and Braces

Before your teeth are straightened, your dentist may give you a palate expander. These devices are used to make more room in your upper jaw. Braces are a commonly used orthodontic device. They consist of metal wires and brackets that connect your teeth. About once per month, your dentist makes an adjustment to tighten the wires and brackets. This applies pressure in specific areas of your teeth and shifts them into the correct position in your jaws.

Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligners are a newer type of orthodontic care. In this method of treatment, your dentist takes digital images and physical impressions of your mouth. These are used to create the thin, clear aligners. You will get a set of 20 or more aligners. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks. The aligners shift your teeth into position. The aligners can be removed when you eat, brush, or floss. You will wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day.

Benefits of Orthodontic Care

When your teeth are properly aligned, you have a lower risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. This is partly because teeth that are correctly positioned are easier to clean. Your dental enamel will also have less wear and tear when your teeth are aligned. Orthodontic treatment may also help with jaw problems, difficulty chewing, or speaking.

Call the dental practice of Sunen Pandya, DDS, today to learn more about orthodontic care.



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