Missing teeth aren’t just a cosmetic or emotional issue, they are also an oral health issue. Dental implants from the great people at Bay Dental Center may be your best option to regain a healthy, natural smile.

It’s Your Face, both Public and Private

Your face, specifically your smile, is a major part of how the world sees you and how you see yourself. We all want to be perfect, even though we know it’s impossible, but many of us don’t realize how simple it is to bring perfection one step closer. Yes, implants are “cosmetic dentistry”, they’re designed to make you look better, just like bleaching and veneers. Well, we’re all human, we’re all a little vain, there’s nothing wrong with that — but implants are also oral health appliances that have nothing to do with vanity.

Missing teeth bring added risks for shifting the positions of remaining teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, tissue and bone loss or changes in your ability to bite, chew and speak. Why should we put ourselves at risk for any of that? We shouldn’t!


Implants are not Bridges or Dentures
Dentures replace teeth with a removable appliance. Stuff like seeds can get in between the gum and appliance, hard foods like crisp apples can dislodge dentures. They can get lost when you take them out for cleaning.

Bridges are permanent tooth replacements anchored to the teeth beside the missing tooth. It requires crowns be placed on three teeth, meaning you intentionally damage two teeth and you pay for that unnecessary damage.

An implant attaches to the jaw with an artificial root (like a screw) and the replacement tooth is bonded to that root with an “abutment” — as permanent and natural-looking as possible. For over 30 years, implants have successfully replaced lost teeth with minimal effect on surrounding tissues.


Find Out What’s Best for You

Dentures and bridges are sometimes the best options, depending on individual situations, but over 3,000,000 Americans currently have implants, so, they are obviously working well. If you live in or near Lawndale, California, contact Bay Dental Center for all your family’s dental care needs. To see if implants are your best choice, check out our coupon and come visit us:

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