Our children’s health is one of the most valued and precious ways any of us can care for our little ones. Given that whole body health can be related directly to oral health and hygiene, it’s incredibly important to know how often children need to see a pediatric dentist.

Those looking for answers in the Lawndale, CA area need look no further than the pediatric dental team at Bay Dental Center. Follow these guidelines from one of their pediatric dentists to ensure your children’s teeth and oral health are in tip top shape.

Why It’s Important to See a Pediatric Dentist

Children should visit the dentist for similar reasons as adults. There are some extra concerns that make it even more critical to take kids to the dentist for checkups. Protecting teeth from decay, regular cleanings, and fixing any issues that develop are obvious concerns for pediatric dentists. Just like adults, children’s teeth can be prone to cavities and decay without the proper care and maintenance.

Building a routine and comfort level is another reason to start taking youngsters to a pediatric dentist regularly. When children start visiting the dentist at a young age, it becomes more normal and much less scary. Developing good dental habits at a young age makes it easier to visit the pediatric dentist.

Just as important, is a dentist’s ability to aid your child’s teeth in healthy development. A pediatric dentist will help monitor that teeth are growing properly. He will also keep an eye out for missing or crooked teeth. He can recommend any necessary treatments to ensure healthy teeth too.

How Often Your Child Should See a Pediatric Dentist

Just like adults, children should see a dentist about every six months. This may sound excessive, but these visits are imperative in caring for your child’s developing teeth. The first visit your child makes to the pediatric dentist should be either when their first tooth appears or by their first birthday.

Contact Your Lawndale Pediatric Dentist

Now you know the importance of regular pediatric dental appointments. The future of your child’s oral health depends on them. Do not let another minute go by without setting up a dental appointment. 

Those seeking a pediatric dentist for their little ones in the Lawndale, CA area should contact Bay Dental Center to set up an appointment today. Our team is all about creating a safe, stress-free, and fun environment to encourage healthy habits in your child.