Your family is the most important thing to you, and you want to be sure you are taking the best possible care of them.  You prepare healthy meals, make sure everyone gets enough sleep, fresh air and exercise, and take them to the doctor for annual checkups to keep them on the road to good health. Choosing the best Lawndale dentist for your family is just as important – in order to maintain a bright, healthy smile free of cavities, visiting the dentist at least once a year is recommended by the ADA (click here for more information about the American Dental Association), with two annual visits being ideal. When you choose your family dentist, be sure to follow these helpful guidelines and to make sure that you choose the best Lawndale dentist and dental practice for you and your family.


Convenience– In order to ensure that no appointments get skipped or rescheduled, it’s a good idea to choose a conveniently-located dental practice. You will be far less likely to miss an appointment if you don’t have to drive too far away or take too much time off from work to visit your dentist.By focusing your search on dental practices near your home or place of business, you are setting yourself up for a good dental track record.


Experience– A good family dentist should have lots of experience and know what will best fit his or her clients’ needs. Choosing a family dentist with many years of experience can get you the most positive results and ensure that your whole family has a great experience at the dentist’s office.


Good Reviews– One of the best ways to determine whether a family dentist is right for you is to ask current patients. Review sites on the internet make it easy to find out about the family dentist you are considering. You can also ask friends, neighbors and other trusted people in your community about their family dentist so you can get the scoop from people who have actually had an experience with a particular practice.


Residents of Lawndale, CA and surrounding areas have made Bay Dental Center their preferred dental practice for a reason. Drs. Sunen and Toral Pandya and their team of compassionate, experienced dental professionals have been providing excellent family dental care services for over 10 years. Conveniently located here in Lawndale, Dr. Sunen Pandya is passionate about educating his patients about proper dental care techniques, and Dr. Toral Pandya loves getting to know her patients’ hobbies, dreams and goals beyond the dentist’s chair. Both of our amazing doctors have a genuine love of dentistry and would love to be your trusted family dentists for years to come. Call Bay Dental Center today at (310) 742-8723 to schedule your initial dental examination appointment.