We’ve all been told it’s important to both brush and floss our teeth. But at what age do we need to start flossing? Is it really that important for children to floss? And if it is necessary, how often should a child be flossing anyways? The team at Bay Dental Center, a family dentist in Lawndale, California help decipher just that.

What age should children start flossing?

There’s no set age limit as to when children should start flossing. It’s more to do with when their teeth start fitting closely together, usually between the ages of two and six. And yes, this means starting them flossing even when they still have their primary (baby) teeth.

Flossing at this young of an age means you’ll need to help your child with the process. Once they develop more dexterity, they can start the process on their own. It may be advisable to have those just starting to floss on their own use flossing sticks until they’re able to properly hold the floss themselves.

How often should children be flossing?

Just like adults, children should be flossing their teeth at least once a day. This can occur either before or after meals, so long as they are getting in one good floss each day. Keep in mind, your child’s gums may bleed when they first start their flossing routine, and that’s okay. Their gums should adjust and stop bleeding in a few days time. Again, it’s crucial to emphasise the importance of flossing, and how often to floss, to your child from a young age. Good oral health habits cemented at this young age can help keep your child’s teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Local Family Dentist in Lawndale Explains Why Flossing Important

It might sound silly to have children start flossing before they even lose their baby teeth. They are going to lose them after all. The team at Bay Center Dental, a local family dentist in Lawndale, California, explains that it’s about starting the habit as early as possible. Getting kids used to flossing while they can essentially practice on their baby teeth, helps them cement the habit of good oral care before their permanent teeth ever come in.

In order to give your child a jump start on good oral health habits, and to help answer any additional dental questions, get in touch with the friendly and caring staff at Bay Dental Center. Contact us today for all you and your family’s dental needs.