Our dentists provide pediatric dentistry free from fear. Regular cleanings, exams, fillings, sealants, whatever they need to do so your child has a healthy bite and a winning smile — your child should feel like they’re going to see an old friend, not an old Freddy Kreuger movie!

Cavities due to poor oral hygiene are among the most common childhood health problems. It’s not just about toothaches, it’s about missing school and avoiding serious problems, including difficulties eating or speaking. Fear of the dentist is the best way to guarantee that cavities don’t get treated, so, help your child see the DDS as a positive:


#1. Show Them What to Expect

Most of us fear the unknown, so tell your child what to expect. Visit the office before the appointment, or arrive early, so your child can see it’s a safe place. Show them what the dentist will do in an exam. Don’t share horror stories from your childhood, tell them about your positive experiences.

#2. Be Honest, Acknowledge Their Fears.
When your child needs dental work, don’t minimize their apprehension, listen to what they say then respond openly and honestly. Answer their questions with non-threatening language.

#3. Treat the Dentist as an Ally or Partner
Every child wants heroes, so treat the dentist as a tooth hero, the guy or gal that saves teeth in danger! Teach them dental care basics, to take care of their teeth. Child dentistry visits should begin about age one year, so your kids can be comfortable with dentists as a normal part of life.

#4. Make it Fun
Bay Center Dental has created a safe, fun space in which your child can wait for his/her appointment. Encourage your child to look forward to seeing us again. Say, “We get to go to the dentist” instead of “We have to go to the dentist” is the approach successful parents take.

#5. Stay Close
Many children are afraid of new environments — some of never entirely outgrow that — the reassuring presence of a parent is major. Most kids think that, if Mom or Dad is in the room, nothing will hurt them. (We wish that was always true.) The staff at Bay Center Dental will never object to you keeping an eye on us as we treat your child’s teeth.

Families all over the Lawndale, California, area choose Bay Center Dental for their child dentistry. More than anything, it’s our track record of kid-friendly services. Our blog will answer most of your basic questions, then contact us to set up appointments for everyone in the family.