Be honest: has it been awhile since your last dental checkup? Between work, school, family commitments and household tasks, it can be difficult to fit routine dental exams into your jam-packed schedule. However, it is essential that you make time twice per year to visit your dentist for a checkup and cleaning. Your friendly Lawndale-area dentist, Dr. Sunen Pandya, and the rest of the team at Bay Dental Center are here to let you know why you need to make time for regular dental visits.

Early Detection and Prevention

Part of a routine dental exam is a thorough screening for any underlying issues with your mouth, teeth and gums. Your dentist will check for signs of periodontitis (gum disease), oral cancer or other potentially serious problems. Being able to spot any possible red flags early is the key to swift, effective treatment that could save your life. Additionally, the bitewing X-rays you receive annually can help a dentist spot cavities or other problems with your teeth before they get out of hand. Early detection of tooth decay, cracks or chips in your teeth can help a dentist treat the issue before you experience any related pain. Catching a dental problem early can save you a world of pain, time and cost down the road.

Superior Oral Health

When you visit the dentist for a regular checkup, your dental hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning that includes scaling of teeth and gums for cavity-causing plaque and tartar buildup that can’t be effectively removed with brushing and flossing alone. Your hygienist will also share tips and tricks for brushing and flossing so you can take your oral hygiene game to the next level. Deep cleanings from your dental hygienist on at least an annual basis can go a long way toward the prevention of cavities and other, more serious oral health concerns.

Set a Good Example

If you are a parent and want to model good oral hygiene for your kids, there’s no better way than to regularly attend dental checkups yourself. Your children will be motivated to properly care for their own teeth and gums as adults if they grow up in a household where oral health is a priority. By setting a good example for your kids and taking care of your own teeth with regular dental checkups, you can ensure that they will take good care of their teeth and visit a dentist regularly throughout their lives.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Only take care of the teeth you want to keep.” At Bay Dental Center, we make it convenient for you to do just that! Dr. Sunen Pandya and the rest of the team of caring dental professionals at Bay Dental Center are dedicated to making each experience you have at the dentist’s office as pleasant and easy as possible. If you reside in or around Lawndale, CA and are overdue for your annual dental checkup, call Bay Dental Center today at (310) 742-8723 to schedule your appointment. Your dental health is as important to us as it is to you- call today!