Toothaches can occur for many different reasons. When you experience a toothache, the discomfort can be anywhere from mild to excruciating. As soon as you feel any kind of pain, it’s important to have a dentist examine the tooth right away to see what can be done to provide relief.


A cavity is the most common cause of a toothache. It’s a small hole that develops on the exterior of the tooth. The pain it causes depends on the size of the cavity and how close to a nerve it’s located. Cold and hot foods and beverages will often cause intense pain in the area where the cavity is located. Cavities are caused by plaque and bacteria buildup on the tooth from not brushing well enough.


An abscess is an infection that develops under a tooth near a nerve, often causing excruciating pain that won’t go away until the tooth is removed in most cases. Once the infection is gone due to the removal of the afflicted tooth, you’ll experience almost immediate relief. Most abscesses result from broken teeth that don’t get fixed, allowing bacteria to easily enter the space under the tooth as well as the gum and jaw area.


Grinding your teeth can cause pain to occur along the sides of your mouth. You can obtain devices like a mouthguard from the dentist to help you stop grinding, especially at night. If you grind your teeth too much, you risk wearing away the enamel or chipping one of your teeth, which could lead to you having more pain in your mouth.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, contact the office of Sunen Pandya, DDS, right away to get an exam and discuss your treatment options.