From the moment your baby cuts his or her first tooth, it is important to make sure that they follow a good dental health regimen. Visiting the pediatric dentist for regular checkups is a vital part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums for a bright, beautiful smile that will last them a lifetime. In order to make a healthy habit of these visits and to show your children that the pediatric dentist is nothing to be afraid of, it is recommended that you bring your child in for their first checkup by his or her first birthday. Here are some things you can expect from your child’s first dental appointment in Lawndale, CA.

Dental Health Overview– Your child’s pediatric dentist will begin the appointment by discussing your child’s overall dental health history, including teething, any injuries to the mouth or face, and any unique concerns or issues that may be present. Once your child’s dentist has a comprehensive picture of how his or her teeth have been developing to this point, he or she can begin your child’s first examination.

1-2-3- The pediatric dentist will gently and quickly examine your child’s mouth, teeth and gums to look for any potential concerns and to count your child’s teeth. The dentist will also look for any tooth buds that are about to erupt and check the placement of your child’s incoming teeth. This can help with early detection of problems that can affect your child’s bite down the road.

Hygiene Hints- Your child’s pediatric dentist will spend much of your child’s first appointment discussing healthy oral hygiene habits that you can help him or her get into at an early age. This includes brushing twice daily, regardless of the number of teeth your child already has, as well as familiarizing your child with dental floss in the form of easy-to-grip flossing tools. You and your pediatric dentist can also discuss what to expect in coming months and years as far as your child’s dental health is concerned.

More than anything, your child’s first dental appointment in Lawndale, CA should be a simple appointment that familiarizes both you and your child with the dental practice and staff. Be sure to look for a pediatric dentist in your area that makes both you and your child feel comfortable and at ease, and who brings an element of fun to dental checkups so neither you nor your child dread the thought of an upcoming checkup.

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