The condition of your teeth is a big deal. They play a part in your overall health as well as greatly impacting your appearance. While there are many ways to maintain and improve the overall look and health of your smile, many in Lawndale, CA are left wondering exactly what dental crowns can do to benefit their overall dental health. If, like so many others, you’re unsure how dental crowns in Lawndale can help your teeth, these tips should help determine what exactly they can do for you and why it’s so important to get them if they’re needed.

How Does a Dental Crown Work?

A dental crown is a both a cosmetic and functional apparatus for teeth. It is typically made of porcelain, and fits over an existing tooth. The natural tooth does have to be reshaped by your dentist prior to fitting, but a crown is meant to completely cover the entire tooth for optimal cosmetic and restorative results.

Benefits to Confidence

Part of the use of dental crowns is to improve the appearance of natural teeth. When teeth are cracked, chipped, or stained, we often become self-conscious about our smile. Crowns can cover these imperfections and improve the overall look of a person’s smile.

When a person is confident in their smile, it can impact their entire demeanor. Many studies have shown that the psychological effects of both smiling, and having confidence in your smile, can boost self-esteem.

Improved Dental Health

Aside from the cosmetic reasons that can boost confidence, a dental crown can help the actual function of your tooth as well. They are especially recommended for teeth that are weakened or heavily filled. In these instances, they can help add needed strength back to a tooth, making it more functional once again.

Additionally, a dental crown can be necessary following a dental implant or root canal. In the instance of a dental implant, a crown is placed over the metal anchor and takes the place of the natural tooth. Following a root canal, a crown can be used to help restore strength lost during the root canal process.

While dental crowns can sound like a scary prospect at first, they really aren’t anything to be concerned about. In the end, they do more to help the appearance and health of your mouth and teeth than any worry you may have over undergoing a dental procedure.

Dental Crowns in Lawndale

If you’ve been told you could use a dental crown, it may be time to make it happen. For those in the Lawndale, CA area, there’s no better place to go than Bay Dental Center. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for dental crowns in Lawndale.