The burning question: when should your kids start going to the dentist/ Truth is, most parents don’t know the real answer. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, you should bring your child to the dentist no later than their first birthday, or when their first tooth appears.

What Happens at a First Dental Visit?

Once your child has their first tooth, your pediatric dentist in Lawndale will be able to tell if they are set to grow in properly or not. Apart from that, it allows them to assess your baby’s gum health and prevent/remedy issues such as thrush, thumb-sucking, and bottle use. Once the first tooth is set into place, continuing poor behavioral patterns can warp their new teeth, and set them on a poor dental path.

But They’re Just Baby Teeth, Right?

They’re not just baby teeth; they’re the pattern for how their adult teeth will grow in. Your pediatric dentist in Lawndale wants you to understand that there are multiple factors that go along with your child’s first teeth.

  • Gum Health: Treating them as “Just baby teeth” also ignores gum health. Unlike baby teeth, gums will never grow back.
  • Tooth Growth: It isn’t an overnight thing. When your children start losing their baby teeth, they won’t go completely toothless; their new adult teeth will begin filling in spots where their baby teeth have fallen out. Paying attention to their baby teeth is the same thing as paying attention to their adult teeth; you’re in charge of setting up a proper growth pattern for their final set.
  • Establishing Habits: You want to promote good habits in your children. Even if they only have one tooth, they still require light brushing. From simple being a few months old and following that routine, dental care will be apart of your child’s daily life, setting them on a proper path for good dental hygiene.

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